My Mission is to
bring into crystal clear focus your core beliefs around money, and to create emotional harmony amongst your life purpose, your finances, and your relationships.

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Hi and Welcome

I’m Natasha Knox, founder of Alaphia Financial Wellness. We’ll be working closely together, so here’s a little more about me:

The first thirteen years of my career were spent in a traditional advisory role at a full -service financial company. The traditional financial services industry can be rife with judgement. Alaphia was born to align what I do for a living with my values. I reject judgement for compassion.

I believe that all money decisions are in service of a deeper need of some sort – including decisions we may later regret. Once we understand the underlying needs, we can explore how to address them in a financially healthy way. 

My work focuses on identifying what truly matters to you and using your money as a tool to serve your dearest values  in a financially secure way. You can read more about how this works in practice, in the case studies here.

Giving back is a core personal value of mine. In support of that value, I currently serve on the board of directors for the Financial Therapy Association, as I have found that financial therapy is the key to transformation and healing with respect to finances. I also volunteer my time with FP Canada, which is the CFP® professional certifying body. Outside of the planning profession, I am passionate about the importance of public libraries and post-secondary education, and I also volunteer my time as chair of the board of governors for a college in my local community.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Natasha Knox, CFP®, TEP, FBS®


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Anita Bruinsma, CFA, AFCC

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Jon Kolmetz, CFP(US), LPC (Texas), MBA, MSc

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Alaphia Values

Authentic Prosperity

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At Alaphia, prosperity is defined as:

“A state of being that emerges when we live in harmony with our deepest values and manage our resources in a way that honours those values. This leads to peace in our relationships and within ourselves.”

Alaphia was created to help you truly prosper, and by definition, that means far more than the accumulation dollars and cents.

At Alaphia, your purpose is what drives the plan.


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An Alaphia Financial Wellness partnership is a true collaboration, in which you are the star of your own financial wellness journey, and I am your faithful guide, who supplies the technical expertise and support.

This collaborative approach is rooted in deep respect for the individual, and an abiding belief in collective genius.

I have also cultivated a network of awesome. These are exceptional professionals, who are experts in their own domains, with whom I routinely collaborate to ensure that you will always have access to top tier advice.


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Everything about Alaphia, reflects this value - from the wellness-first approach to the planning process, to the pricing model, to the convenient virtual delivery of services.

Alaphia is a company that embraces innovation and adapts when there is research and evidence of a better way, that will lead to better outcomes for you.


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At Alaphia, you will be seen and accepted. You will be free to explore and express your personal truths about money, without fear of judgement or recrimination.

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I was working on my expenses and looking at where the money will be going for this and that yesterday and just thought how grateful I am that you are guiding me. Thank-you!!

I am sure it would be a mess of overspending, chaos and ultimately an unhappy affair otherwise! With your help I am knowing where my money is going, thinking through expenditures and feeling like I am in charge of it rather than a run-a-way train!

D.T Vancouver

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She is an aces financial planner and whipped us into shape for all aspects of finance for us, the girls and for retirement. We were shoving our money under a mattress before. If you are looking for truly great, compassionate, brilliant and comprehensive help check out her website!

L&S – Edmonton, AB

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I am grateful for Natasha’s no-nonsense, kind approach, her flexibility about our complicated situation and her deep commitment to helping us figure out a future path.

Vicki P.

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Over the years, I have worked with many financial professionals from various institutions. Natasha has become my "go to" introduction for anybody looking for independent, fee only financial planning advice. We share a number of mutual clients and the feedback we have received from each of them has been overwhelmingly positive. The care, attention to detail, accurate advice and professionalism Natasha offers is next to none!

Nigel A.

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Alaphia has put us on the path to financial freedom. Although we made a good living, we never seemed to have enough money, and could not understand how others were able to do the things we only dreamed of. Natasha’s financial therapy and planning showed us it was possible to save money and live the life we wanted without putting our retirement in jeopardy. Since working with Alaphia, we have gone from over spending to saving substantial amounts of money every month.

P & S from Vancouver

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My partner and I engaged Natasha  to help us get our finances on track. We were attracted by her approach which is a combination of practical, specific financial planning with something akin to financial couples counselling. We were doing the basics but far from confident that our retirement investment strategy was as effective as it could be. After several months of meeting with Natasha, we are MUCH happier with our finances. We have stopped worrying and we are working with a weekly, monthly and long-term plan that suits us.

David G

Case Studies

The following cases are composites of real people, and real results.

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Maren and Hervé

Maren and Hervé are both tenured university professors in their mid 40s.  They reached out after a crisis in their extended family showed them the consequences of not having their finances in order. They didn’t want that to happen to them...

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Colin and Erik

Colin and Erik reached out when Colin’s stock options suddenly shot up in value and were suddenly worth a life-changing amount of money. With this windfall, new possibilities opened up, and also new tensions...

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Alicia  is an intellectual property lawyer in her late 30s.  Over the last five years, her career has taken off, and so has her income. Unfortunately, her expenses have grown even faster...


Financial Friday Happy Hour

Every Last Friday of the month at 8:00 EST/5:00 PST, I will host an open house on Zoom.
This is a casual, low-key money talks event. It might just be the two us, or there might be other people on the call. Every week will be different.

Cartoon version of Natasha Knox, founder of Alaphia and Financial Therapist

You may use this hour to:

Pick my brain (General/high level questions only)

Discuss research and professional collaborations.

Learn about financial therapy and the Financial Therapy Association.

Simply say hello! I’d love to connect/re-connect with you!

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