Do you have an asset minimum? My investments and savings are very small.

Alaphia clients have assets ranging from zero when we start all the way through to several million when we start. Growing your net worth is part of our work together!

The Alaphia fee-only pricing model is based on complexity rather than assets. This allows us to provide comprehensive financial advice to people with any level of assets.

If you are a professional in your peak earning years, with a desire to improve your relationship with money, increase your financial literacy, and you’re looking for robust financial planning advice, then we could be a great fit. You can book an appointment here.

If you’re not quite ready for an appointment, sign up for my newsletter, or come to a Financial Friday open house zoom call.

I want to manage my own investments, and I want you to help me do it. Can you do this?

When it comes to investments, we will help you understand the appropriateness of your current portfolio based on your goals, timeline, attitudes toward risk, high-level, general asset allocation, and tax efficiency across registered and non-registered account types. We will also address investment-related behavioural biases that you may have.

However, we do not make specific recommendations with respect to specific holdings, ETFs, mutual funds, or sectors, nor do we manage investments directly or indirectly.

I have managed my money quite well and I want to ensure I haven’t missed anything. I don’t really need or want coaching or education. Can you work with me on that basis?

Alaphia was created specifically to address the needs of those people who want to create emotional harmony between their money, relationships and purpose, within an ongoing financial partnership. This mission is infused in everything every aspect of the process, it is baked into the DNA of how we approach financial wellness. To learn more about whether we are truly the right fit, we suggest booking an initial call.

What is financial therapy?

Financial therapy is a process informed by both therapeutic and financial competencies that helps people think, feel, communicate, and behave differently with money to improve overall well-being through evidence-based practices and interventions. Source: Financial Therapy Association

Financial therapy is a spectrum and will look and feel different depending on the home discipline of the practitioner (either financial planning or mental health). People can enter into, and experience financial therapy on either end of the spectrum.

Are you a therapist?

Natasha is not a therapist. Her primary professional orientation is financial planning, rather than mental health. She has financial therapy specific graduate education and additional training in certain evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Jon is a therapist. He is licensed in the state of Texas. However, he offers services to Alaphia clients on a consulting basis only.  If either Natasha or Jon approach areas which are outside of our scope, and/or training will work with you to find support from a licensed therapist.

I have a really quick question – I don’t need a comprehensive plan or an ongoing partnership. Do you work hourly?

For quick questions, Alaphia refers to other planners. We offer financial advice based on a holistic comprehensive view of your finances, and we work with folks who are looking for an ongoing relationship. Please contact us using the contact form, with the specifics of what you need, and we would be delighted to connect you with a different fee-only planning firm that can help you on an hourly one-off basis.

How are you compensated?

We are paid only for our time and expertise. We believe that this is the most fair and transparent way of doing business, as it eliminates the conflicts of interest that are inherent in traditional models that are based on commissions, or percentage of assets.

Financial Friday Happy Hour

Every Last Friday of the month at 8:00 EST/5:00 PST, I will host an open house on Zoom.
This is a casual, low-key money talks event. It might just be the two us, or there might be other people on the call. Every week will be different.

Cartoon version of Natasha Knox, founder of Alaphia and Financial Therapist

You may use this hour to:

Pick my brain (General/high level questions only)

Discuss research and professional collaborations.

Learn about financial therapy and the Financial Therapy Association.

Simply say hello! I’d love to connect/re-connect with you!

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