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Spouses with different risk tolerances getting on the same page

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How To Get Unstuck In Your Personal Finances

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Debt

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How to Eliminate Aspirational Spending

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Peer Pressure Cuts Both Ways – Use it to Your Advantage

Article written by Natasha Knox

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Financial Friday Happy Hour

Every Friday at 8:00 EST/5:00 PST, I will host an open house on Zoom.
This is a casual, low-key money talks event. It might just be the two us, or there might be other people on the call. Every week will be different.

You may use this hour to:

Pick my brain (General/high level questions only)

Discuss research and professional collaborations.

Learn about financial therapy and the Financial Therapy Association.

Simply say hello! I’d love to connect/re-connect with you!

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