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Alicia  is an intellectual property lawyer in her late 30s.

Over the last five years, her career has taken off, and so has her income. Unfortunately, her expenses have grown even faster.

With each jump in income, her lifestyle has increased, though there’s nothing particularly flashy or extravagant about her lifestyle. There isn’t one specific thing that Alicia can pinpoint as the source of her money struggles. After remortgaging her home to eliminate massive amounts of consumer debt, she vowed that this was going to be the last time. She decided she was ready to make a change for the better. That was when she reached out to Alaphia. 

In our first year together, we worked intensively on behaviour change. Through this process, Alicia came to the understanding that she was using her money to fulfill emotional needs that can’t be satisfied with money or material things. This awareness opened up the space for her to fill those needs in an authentic way, and at the same time, enabled her to finally address her overspending.

Alicia started year two of our work together consumer debt free, with a contingency fund in place (for the first time in her life!) and having made substantial contributions to her registered accounts (also a first). She is finally on a realistic path toward a comfortable retirement.

She is treating herself to a trip to Portugal and is excited to know that we have a put a plan in place to save for the trip, so she won’t have the spectre of credit card debt looming over her while she travels.

Prior to our work together, she had been expending a significant amount of mental and emotional energy maintaining a façade and worrying about what her friends and colleagues would think if they knew the reality of her situation. Being free of the worry and shame of her finances has lifted a huge emotional weight. She’s found that she now has time and energy for regular volunteer work, which she finds immensely satisfying.

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